As an aspiring entrepreneur, finding on or offline support can be a challenge. Knowing which learning resources and experts to trust or invest money into creates even more confusion. Aristotle Creative Works (ACW) was to developed to combat this challenge head on.
Aristotle Creative Works derives its name from the Greek philosopher Aristotle, who is deemed the godfather of the Internet, entrepreneurial startups, and e-commerce. The Aristotle quote that most inspired ACW and embodies the spirit of the company is,” the entire purpose of society is to enable each person, to attain a higher and better life by the mutual exchange of their different services.” Our community began to serve that exact mission


Aristotle Creative Works’ mission is to connect aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners with the top free or low cost resources to start and grow their companies. A scalable, innovative, online destination that combines social networking, e-commerce and informatics into one user-friendly solution.


Aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners in search of free or low cost tools, resources, and community support.